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About Us

We Care for Children in African Families


Contributing to the Lives of Children in Africa and United States!

Salama, registered in Texas and granted IRS tax-exemption in 2018, was founded by Jackie Dozier after a visit to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda in 2017. Driven by the evident community needs, Jackie, a bi-vocational entrepreneur and minister, aimed to empower local churches and ministries for community development. Utilizing her diverse background, she sought to establish businesses to address financial struggles, particularly focusing on education, job creation, and financial management. Amid the pandemic, Salama funded 18 startups, upgraded a local primary school with two internet-equipped rooms, ongoing construction, school supplies, and digital technology at the Salama Academy for ages 3 to 3rd grade. Given Africa’s agricultural focus, strategies to enhance the farming industry were introduced. Salama also extends its global reach by providing training, ordination, and assistance to various entities in the US and worldwide.


Committed to Making the World a Better Place for All.

Our mission is to enlighten, educate, train, empower individuals, families, and communities until they are safe, secure, robust, well and at peace, until all people groups are well.

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